The Choice Is Enormous

Feel the fabric in our studio!

“Haute Tailoring House” has more than 6000 types of fabrics, which are exclusively made from natural raw materials:ultra-fine wool, mohair, silk, cashmere etc. “Haute Tailoring House” is the official distributor for the Belgian company Scabal – one of the leading manufacturers of luxury fabrics.

The quality of a fabric is determined by various factors, such as, the fineness of the yarn,which is usually measured in microns, as well as its length,elasticity, colour etc., All of these factors are combined into an universal classification “super”, as proposed by the National Wool Textile Export Corporation (NWTEC). The figure 100 means that from 1 kg of wool 1 kilometre of unbroken thread is obtained. That essentially means that 150, 180, 200 are of even better fabric quality. Among the different suppliers of fabrics, in “Haute Tailoring House” there are leading Italian and English manufacturers: Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Charles Clayton, Dormeuil, Moxon.

For the Elite customers, “Haute Tailoring House” is very pleased to offer exclusive luxury fabrics Diamond Chip, Gold Treasure, Super 200 and Vicuna. In addition, any gentleman has the ability to order a bespoke shirt, choosing a suitable fabric from the huge collection of fabrics, that is which he is interested in. The professional designers of our salon will be more than happy to give you the necessary advice and guidance on how to properly match one or other options of the dress.

In “Haute Tailoring House” we also provide bespoke tailoring service for making your top-coat, jackets, etc. And for this, we have a huge collection of top coat fabrics: 100% wool, wool – cashmere,100% cashmere, camel wool. Every client of “Haute Tailoring House” has the opportunity to choose the inner lining and the model of the clothing, according to their wishes, tastes and trends of modern classic men’s fashion.


Fabrics Charles Clayton

Charles Clayton fabrics are manufactured using only the natural raw materials of the highest quality. Each year, the company is actively expanding its catalogue, increasing the collection of fabrics, reflecting the most current fashion trends and the latest developments in technology to manufacture the fabrics.

Fabrics Dormeuil

Dormeuil is an example of elegance, and a fantastic mix of quality of the fabrics and variety of production,that can impress any one who understands quality fabrics.

Fabrics Drago

The factory produces fabrics of pure wool, wool with silk, wool with mohair and wool with linen. Modern equipment allows great attention to hard quality control, starting with the production of yarn.


Fabrics Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna produces high-end collection fabrics. One of the most famous developments is Micronsphere natural wool fabric, produced using NANO technology. The peculiarity of this fabric is that it is able to repel moisture, thanks to which there are absolutely no stains on it! Even if you spill a glass of wine on the suit, you just need to shake off the liquid, and it will look like nothing happened. In addition, the fabric practically does not wrinkle.



Fabrics Holland & Sherry

The modern collection of Holland & Sherry consist of an excellent range of super-100 tosuper-200. Fabrics made of combed smooth wool Merino sheep, and mixes using rare and exotic natural fibres. 

We sew by individual patterns using breathing, natural, brand fabrics. We use strong threads, resistant lining and exclusive accessories.

Fabrics Loro Piana

Loro Piana fabric is a superior quality fabric under a well-known name.Luxurious fabrics of Loro Piana have won the hearts and minds of many fans among the people who value quality and prestige long ago.


Fabrics Scabal

The raw materials used by Scabal are only the best varieties of natural wool,silk and cashmere. Not everyone can sell their fabrics! Distributors of Scabal should produce only high-quality clothing and provide individual attention to each client.

Lining fabric

Lining is a very important part of outerwear and jackets. It is precisely because lining clothing retains the desired shape. Lining protects the core material from contamination, deformation, abrasion from the inside, and it adds to the comfort and makes it easy to wear them. Poorly chosen lining can spoil even the expensive and well tailored clothing made of high-quality fabric. Good lining fabric should ensure uninterrupted airflow. It is also necessary for it to absorb the moisture well and pass it on to the outer layers of the clothing.Simply put, it is necessary to choose such a fabric, which will not make you hot and uncomfortable while wearing your clothing.

In addition, lining fabric should be smooth and uniform in texture, and durable. This is to ensure that the lining protects the fabric from stretching and getting damaged in the process. In “Haute Tailoring House” we offer only the highest quality lining fabrics from the most famous manufacturers of the world. Clothings that are made with such lining fabrics to meet all the strict requirements of the clients. Our friendly staff will always be happy to assist you in choosing the lining fabric, based on: your needs,selected fabric and style of the clothing.